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Last updated 03August2010

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Unfortunately, with the deaths of the AOL, Xoom, Geocities, and other free web space providers, a lot of KF:TLC fanfic has been lost to the ether. The links below are accurate as of the update date above. Please feel free to contact me with more gen KF:TLC fanfic links to add to the pile. Please note that I'm also willing to host gen KF:TLC fanfic if it's in need of a home. I haven't reviewed the contents of all of these sites, so in most cases, all I know is that the site contains fiction - there's no guarantee as to the quality. I may end up adding an area for comment on fiction posts, to assist readers in evaluating the sheer volume o' stuff.

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KF:TLC Fiction on the DebWeb
Online KF:TLC Gen Fiction Resources

  • Jeannie (JM) McClure Fiction at FanFictionwriters.com - a significant collection of the KF:TLC works of the late JM McClure - great stuff, she is sadly missed.
  • Denyse M. Bridger at FanFictionwriters.com - another great collection of outstanding classic KF:TLC fiction
  • And while you're at FanFictionwriters.com, check out the other KF:TLC fiction. Note, some of it is explicit. An extensive array of good fiction.
  • Jeanne DeVore's KF:TLC Fiction Page - one of my fave writers in the fandom!
  • Lisa Lovewell's KF:TLC Site - very nicely done, includes info on her Coming of Age Zines and a KF:TLC Fiction Archive, and lots more.
  • KF:TLC Fan Fic Season 1 - a series of stories originally posted to the KFFIC-L mailing list, creating a new season of KF:TLC in 1999. Note that the main page is a little funky, and you may not be able to see the text and links - simply highlight the text with your cursor, and you'll be able to see the text.
  • Amparo Bertram's FanFic Archive (last updated in 2005), featuring KF:TLC and other fic, including crossovers
  • Judy Hoggard's Fan Fiction Page featuring both KF:TLC and Silk Stalkings fan fiction
  • PHO Phic (Pho's Fiction) (Patricia O'Cain) - KF:TLC, Silk Stalkings, and other fan fiction
  • Robert Lansing Fan Site by Paige Schoolcraft - gorgeous site about Robert Lansing, with lots of KF:TLC, Equalizer, and 12 O'Clock High fan fiction posts and links.
  • FanFiction.Net has over 160 KF:TLC fiction posts.
  • Mac's Fan Fiction has a shippy flavor, and is a member of a couple of KF:TLC fanfic webrings.
  • Gail's Fan Fiction - mostly short stuff
  • Pitchfork Press's Online KF:TLC Archive includes an extensive array of stories by a variety of Fu writers.
  • Maria Wiberg's KF:TLC Fan Fiction includes some of her own stuff and a lot of links (many of which are now broken, unfortunately). Some great KF:TLC stuff on her page as well.
  • Fu Dragon's Fan Fiction Archive is available in German and in English. The site uses frames, so select the fan fiction link from the menu.
  • Wendy Shywalker Online is another sub-site of Honeybat.com, and includes fan fiction in a number of fandoms, including KF:TLC and Silk Stalkings.
  • Linda Schwartz's Place rounds out the Honeybat.com suite of sites with another fanfic archive, plus articles and such on Fu gatherings of the past.
  • Fu Renegades is a discussion and fiction list that's pretty active. Some fiction is posted in the files section along with images and such. Has a sister list, FuRenR, for more adult fiction.
  • Mary N. Wilkerson's Fan Fiction includes a couple of KF:TLC pieces, as well as couple of crossovers, plus other fandoms.
  • Marie Scott's World of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues page includes quite a lot of KF:TLC fan fiction that's been recovered using the Internet Wayback Machine. If authors choose, Marie will remove the fiction from the page. Some classics here.
  • Monica Stybzel's Fan Fiction at the Kwoon. Take a spin around the entire site - it's very cool, and so are the classic stories.
  • KFFIC took the place of the old KFFIC-L fiction list, but has had no activity since 2007. Files and links are available to members only, and it doesn't appear that there's a moderator around to approve memberships. You don't have to be a member to read posts, however, so what fiction is posted in messages is available for view.
  • KFFICTION is another Yahoo list that can be joined, but there's been no substantive activity since 2007. Fiction posts can be read.
  • Jackees Corner features fan fiction for KF:TLC as well as a number of other fandoms.
  • KwaiChangCaine is a fiction and discussion list, but appears unmoderated, and there have been no substantive KF:TLC posts since 2005. Files and links are open to members only, but you can read posts containined fiction.
  • The Blaisdell Brigade is a list dedicated to the Blaisdell family (and Kermit) and their influence on Peter Caine's life. Includes discussion and fiction, but there hasn't been much activity in 2010.
  • Kung Fu the Legend Continues at Archive of Our Own includes gen fiction as well as some explicit pieces, and a few slash stories. I couldn't get a link that filtered any of the fiction pieces out, so please advance to this site at your own discretion.
  • The Works of Henry Wyckoff includes KF:TLC standalones and crossover tales, along with a variety of other fandoms
  • MJ Mink & Friends Fan Fiction Page features KF:TLC fiction by MJ Mink, Liz Gregg, and Cathryn Mortenz-Teal, plus other fanfic and links
  • Shaolin Eyes: Kermit Griffin Fan-Fic Archive features Kermit-centric fan fiction by Anneack, Fu-Dragon, MacMethos, Silver Leaf, Susan McNeill, and Tracy LeCates
  • Tiger Dragon Brand features Liz Gregg's KF:TLC fiction, plus links to other KF:TLC fan fiction archives
  • Judy's Fan Fiction features her own fan fiction in a number of fandoms, including KF:TLC and Silk Stalkings
  • Women Writers Block features a number of fandoms, including KF:TLC fan fiction by Kate and Kathryn. The site also includes some really interesting writing and fan fiction links.
  • Lorna's Place features several KF:TLC stories.
  • Dana K's Fan Fiction hosted on Lorna's Place also features several KF:TLC stories.
  • The Starlight Connection features several KF:TLC stories by Debbie Eng.
  • The Treetop Lounge features several KF:TLC stories by Mae.
  • Shadow Cat's Page features a KF:TLC story by Elizabeth Mansfield, and a very funny pseudo-episode guide for season 4, which apparently has not aired in her country.
  • Temple Tales features a large number of KF:TLC stories of varying length from Alissa Joaquin. Cool site - take a spin around while you're there.
  • Serendipity Station features fan fiction in a number of fandoms, including several KF:TLC stories, and a bunch of KF:TLC crossovers.
  • The Wonderful World of Makebelieve (Squidge.org) features a broad variety of fandoms, including a number of KF:TLC standalone and crossover stories - including The Mummy!
  • Maureen Wynn's Miscellaneous Fiction page includes a couple of KF:TLC pieces, mostly focused on Kermit.
  • KF:TLC Fan Fiction by Andra Marie Mueller features a number of KF:TLC stories of varying lengths.
  • Archives of Shambhala (Kung Fu and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Stories) - moderated list focused primarily on David Carradine and Kwai Chang Caine. Still active, worth joining.
  • And don't forget to stop back often - more fan fiction links coming!

KF:TLC Fanzine Resources
  • Chicago Station KF:TLC Zine Redemption is no longer available through the Chicago Station web site - it is now available through Agent with Style. Updated!
  • Agent with Style Zine Supermarket - Select KF:TLC from the menu. Note, this site sells zines of all spectrums, from G to hard X.
  • You can also often find KF:TLC zines or multi-media containing KF:TLC on eBay. Check out Bonanzle as well - a lot of fen are now using this virtual storefront to sell stuff.
  • More zine links coming!