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to the Classic Genzine Fan Fiction Archive! This page last updated 23January2011. Stop by often!

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Recommended Fan Fiction
and Zine Archives
You'll be able to find many more fan fiction links in the fan fiction resource pages for each fandom (in progress). Suggestions welcome! I'd love more leads on zine preservation archives, as well.

Fanzine Fandom History
  • Nancy J. Kippax's Reminisce with Me LiveJournal. Includes some lovely tales of fandom's history, including a moving Farewell Dear Fen: In Memoriam post that has sadly been extended to include Nancy herself. The column is maintained by friends, who hope to eventually bring all of Nancy's incredible body of fannish work to the web. A true classic.
  • Joan Marie Verba's Boldly Writing: A Trekker Fan and Zine History 1967 to 1987 - a must read. Learn where we came from. More importantly, learn about the people who created fan fiction when it was not the fashionable thing to do.
  • K.S. Langley's article on fandom and the impact of technology is a fascinating and illuminating read. Her perspective on the evolution of fandom is outstanding. Go. Now. Read. Learn. And check out some of the other articles there. Great stuff.
Welcome to the Classic Genzine Fan Fiction Archive!

Note! Please do not link directly to fiction hosted here. Please link to the Authors or Fandoms pages, as I will be restructuring the archive at some point in the future.

Throughout the DebWeb, I've posted fan fiction, by fanzine on My Life in Fandom - Fanzines, and by fandom through the individual program resource pages. Some material I've published, some others have published, and some is uniqe to the web. This archive hub brings it all together in one browsable location - you can find stories and poetry by fandom and by author. You'll also find a growing list of links and additional resources for each fandom, and where possible, for each author. And, I hope to continue to expand the Archive to include more works by the authors included in the Archive, as well as other authors and editors as well.

How It Works ...

The archive hub pages are designed so that you can learn more about the individual fandoms as well as the individual authors as you enjoy the fiction. One of my frustrations about the big multi-fandom fiction archives is that you don't have ready access to the context for reading fan fiction. There may be a community active at the archive, and there might not be - and if there isn't an active community, you reach a quick dead end in learning more about the fandom. It's not easy to locate information about a series, or more work by an author if it's not located in that particular archive. As I grow the DebWeb, I hope to provide details about each of the series included here, including more fan fiction and fannish community links for each series. And for the authors who've granted me permission to include their works here, I hope to provide more details on where you can find more of their works.

Unlike the bigger archives, there is no auto-loader, so each story will be posted by me individually, so I can make sure I collect that contextual information and share it here. It also means that if any author chooses to withdraw permission for me to host their work, I can easily remove it. It also means you may see the occasional delay in getting a story posted, as I do have responsibilities outside of this web page.

The Offer is Open ...

I'd be happy to host more material from classic gen zines here, either in image PDFs or from text documents I can translate into PDFs. And I'd also be happy to host more gen material in the fandoms represented in the DebWeb, especially Shadow Chasers, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Shades of LA, She-Wolf of London, and Man from Atlantis. Okay, the list keeps getting longer - I'm happy to host quality fiction to preserve and to share.

If you'd like to have your material, either individual stories or entire zines, hosted here, please get in touch! Feel free to post a comment on My Life in Fandom, post a message on the Vendredi Press Yahoo! Groups list, or drop me an e-mail directly. Amazingly, my e-mail address is the same one I've had for nearly 20 years. You can find it in the credit line at the bottom of this page.

Warning Will Robinson!

Yep, that's about all you're going to get. I'm a dinosaur, and I don't believe in warnings so that readers are never exposed to something new, or something that will make them feel. Take a chance, and experience the stories as they were meant to be experienced - without warning, raw, and real. Think of it as the organic form of fan fiction - no artificial additives!

Enhancements for Text Readers Coming ...

Many stories previously published in zines prior to 1992 are available only as image PDFs, because the zines were not created using personal computers. I opted to include these stories and poems to share the wealth, and I also wanted newer fans to see the stories in their natural habitat - zine pages. If you use a device to read text online, I recognize you won't be able to access these stories properly. I will be adding a form to this Archive so you can request that a story be put into a device-readable form. Because this is essentially a one-person show, I'll have to limit requests to one story at a time, since it may take me time retype or OCR the text and correct it for device reading. I'm tinkering with the form design now to implement the request form, and it should be operational in a week or so.

Don't Be a Stranger!

So I hope you'll enjoy the DebWeb and come back often. I have lots of plans to add more stuff, including some works of mine that are in progress.

But Wait, There's More!

For more on the series represented here in the Classic Genzine Fan Fiction Archive, check out the resource pages I've put together for more information about the series, the fandom, and fan fiction. These are under construction, so please check back often for more great links to the fandoms of your choice. As you can see, I've got a lot of resource pages to set-up, so suggestions for gen links are always welcome!

| Battlestar Galactica (classic) Resource Page | Beauty and the Beast Resource Page | Beyond Reality Resource Page |
| Blake's 7 Resource Page | Buck Rogers in the 21st Century Resource Page | Doctor Who Resource Page | Due South Resource Page |
| Earth 2 Resource Page | Forever Knight Resource Page | Highlander Resource Page |
| Indiana Jones Resource Page | KF:TLC Resource Page | MacGyver Resource Page | Man from Atlantis Resource Page |
| Man from U.N.C.L.E. Resource Page | Master Resource Page | Quantum Leap Resource Page |
| Questor Tapes Resource Page | Rat Patrol Resource Page | Real Ghostbusters Resource Page |
| Relic Hunter Resource Page | Robin of Sherwood Resource Page | Sapphire and Steel Resource Page |
| Sentinel Resource Page | Shades of LA Resource Page | Shadow Chasers Resource Page |
| She Wolf of London Resource Page | Space: 1999 Resource Page | Star Trek - TOS Resource Page |
| Star Wars Resource Page | Stargate SG-1 Resource Page | Tomorrow People Resource Page |
| Voyagers! Resource Page | Wizards and Warriors Resource Page | X-Files Resource Page |

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